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How To Manifest For Beginners.

  The Vibration the mind and body is in will dicate what you attract, this is how to manifest for beginners. Because when you put yourself in the right Vibration, you put yourself onto a specific frequency. That's what you do when you set a goal. Most people set a Goal and wait for it to happen. It's never going to happen. You've got to assume that it's already happened. You've got a picture of it in your mind, this is how to manifest for beginners. Mentally it's already happened. It happened cause I've got my idea in my conscious mind. If I didn't have the idea in my conscious mind, I couldn't talk to you about it. The very fact that I can talk about it means I've already got it, this is how to manifest for beginners. Now the trick is to stay on that frequency. Most people look at their results and let their results dicate the frequency their on, that's why they keep getting the same results.        

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